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Aluminum Blank Cans Supplier in Indonesia

Find out how you can Grow your Business and be environmentally Friendly at the same time.

Our Products

These cans design have the "big gulp" opening design that makes the cans easier to drink out of. These cans are fantastic for preserving olives, mushrooms, other hot-fill applications, and many other products.

Blank aluminum beverage cans 250ml Normal B64 SOT 202

Blank aluminum beverage cans 250ml SLEEK B64 SOT 202

Blank aluminum beverage cans 330ml B64 SOT 202

Blank aluminum beverage cans 500ml B64 SOT 202

Cans Packaging compared to others Packaging method


Light weight, durable, chill faster and Reduce accidental Leakage

Preservation of Quality

Taste and Quality of the products are preserved with hermetically sealed. Cans offer a perfect barrier against Light and Oxygen

Can Serve Hot

Safe to use on Hot Beverages

Enhance Your Branding

Cans offers more space to enhance your branding with eye-catching graphics, to stand out among competition

pack of drink

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Visit our Homepage to find more about us, PT. Mitra Solusi Vymindo - authorized representative of Kegland in Indonesia.


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